Aesthetics Hawaii is pleased to introduce Oxygenetix in Honolulu

Aesthetics Hawaii is pleased to offer OXYGENETIX – a revolutionary all-in-one skin care product that heals, conceals, protects and moisturizes the skin. No longer do you need multiple skin products to minimize blemishes and pores. In all my years working in aesthetics – I have never seen a better product for overall skin health and appearance. It is so amazing – that it is now an integral part of our after-care protocol. All our patients who receive any procedure will have this applied to them for healing, protection and maintenance.

Originally designed for physicians as a post-procedure topical who want their patients to heal, minimize and even eliminate procedural scars. This unique breathable matrix covers and treats a wide variety of skin problems: acne scars, rosacea and any post-procedure irritation from Botox®, fillers, laser or micro-needling. It contains titanium dioxide for maximum sun protection and a patented Ceravitae complex that supports new skin production and healing. The results are so impressive – our entire office staff is using this product daily for complete skin care maintenance.

Please come by to experience the same treatment as endorsed by Hollywood celebrities during the Academy Awards, Grammy Awards and Golden Globe Awards. Only available through a physician’s office – come and request a complimentary Oxygenetix consultation by our skin care specialists!

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Posted on 1/16/18 in News